2D Gel Denoising

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Adaptive Contrast Enhancement of 2D gels

Often when working with 2D gels, the resulting images have all kinds of artefacts in them. These gels are often regarded as 'bad' and while it may be true that they can be better, in practice the necessary information might still be present. By using specific denoising techniques it is possible to retrieve this information, thereby removing many of the unwanted effects. The left picture shows a typical gel which is troubled with 'washing' effects. The right one shows the denoised gel.

Gel image: courtesy Nina Ånensen, Bjørn Tore Gjertsen
University of Bergen & Haukeland University Hospital

Gel with washing effects
Denoised 2D gel

The full method is described in the following paper: Werner Van Belle et al.; Adaptive contrast enhancement of two-dimensional electrophoretic protein gel images facilitates visualization, orientation and alignment; Electrophoresis; October 2006

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