MK5 Microarray Data

Affected Genes - Ontology Breakdown - Gene Enrichment - Proteome Analysis
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These are the micro-array results of a differential gene expression microarray experiments and the subsequent analysis steps performed on them. The up/down- regulation ratio was obtained by measuring WT cells against MK5 activated cells. See material and methods for technical information as well as the data usage policy.

Gene Enrichment

The table below show, solely based on the number of genes affected in a specific categroy, which classes are enriched (up) or depleted (down). Thje p-value is calculated according to 'GOToolBox: functional analysis of gene datasets based on Gene Ontology - David Martin, Christine Brun, Elisabeth Remy, Pierre Mouren, Denis Thieffry and Bernard Jacq'. We used the mouse-goa annotation from 2005 to perform this analysis. Resetting the view coordinate localhost/Mk5/GEGOMouse05/

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p Ratio description Accession neuronal
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0 down nucleus no value
up cytoplasmic vesicle
ice binding
protein binding
response to freezing
response to stimulus
small conjugating protein ligase activity
1.04188e-19 down catalytic activity
4.41122e-18 extracellular space
0.00000000000532447 up cytoplasm
0.0000000000369233 down receptor activity
0.000000005351 up cell junction
0.0000000131078 RNA splicing
0.0000000750539 Golgi apparatus
0.000000227862 down olfactory receptor activity 1
0.000000819712 structural constituent of ribosome no value
0.000000909018 integral to membrane
0.00000117775 up regulation of progression through cell cycle
0.00000144966 down nucleic acid binding
0.00000618855 translation
0.00000824263 up structural constituent of cell wall
0.0000171601 protein kinase activity
0.0000189325 phosphoric monoester hydrolase activity
0.0000244289 cell-cell signaling
0.0000251477 down ribosome
0.0000321095 up membrane fraction
0.0000325409 down G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway
0.0000520983 up integral to plasma membrane
0.0000603978 down protein ubiquitination
0.0000791323 up protein C-terminus binding
0.000237102 nucleocytoplasmic transport
0.00038871 down external side of plasma membrane
0.000408197 up flagellin-based flagellum
mRNA transport
0.000541705 down ubiquitin ligase complex
0.000654237 zinc ion binding
0.000762333 up protein dimerization activity
0.000793622 GTPase activity
0.000857538 glycerol metabolic process
0.000975592 transcription
0.00115531 neuropeptide hormone activity 1
0.00123417 down ATP binding no value
0.00127674 antigen binding
0.00141209 up extracellular region
0.00235127 anion exchanger activity
arylamine N-acetyltransferase activity
ciliary or flagellar motility

- The Ratio specifies how much this gene is up/down regulated. When up- or down-regulated must this value respectively be multiplied/divided to obtain the MK5 on concentration based on the MK5 off concentration.
- Accession is the GO accession key.
- Part of neuralk circuitery.